Herodian Quarter

The Herodian Quarter was discovered by archeologist when the Jewish Quarter was rebuilt following the Six Day War. The Wohl Archaeological Museum preserves in situ the extraordinary discoveries that revealed remains of magnificent buildings from the time of the Herodian dynasty period 37 B.C. till 70 A.D.
The area covers some 2,700 square meters of the Upper City of Jerusalem and consists of six houses, built close together on a hillside, facing the Temple Mount, attesting to the wealth of their owners.
The exhibition focuses on three of those houses: the Western House, the Middle House and the House of Measurements. Here, wealthy families of the Jerusalem aristocracy and priesthood used to live in their fine homes.

The inhabitants designed their homes meticulously in the Greco-Roman style. The archeological remains are mainly from the cellars of these house which were evidently two stories in height.

The western building

Herodian Jug

Herodian Jug

Roman Cosmetics Tools

Cosmetics Tools


Herodian Oil-Lamp

Herodian Oil-Lamp

Herod the Great – 8 Prutot

Herod the Great - 8 Prutot

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