The ruins of the ancient Jewish village of Katzrin (Kasrin, Qasrin) are located in the central Golan. The village of Katzrin was built around a spring, which still flows. The village was built during the Roman period (3rd-4th centuries) and was destroyed by the Golan earthquake of 749 AD.

The Village


The Oil Press


The Synagogue

The Synagogue was built in the 6th century AD atop a more modest 4th-5th century synagogue.  Constructed entirely of basalt, it is notable for the wealth of its decorations. The synagogue was partially preserved to a height of 3 m. Fragments of a mosaic floor have been found. The synagogue had two rows of four columns each. The building was two stories tall with rows of windows at the top of the walls. The roof was built of wooden beams covered with ceramic tiles.
 The location of Katzrin (Qasrin), mentioned in the Talmud ,in the excavation was found an ancient gravestone bearing the Hebrew inscription “Rabbi Abun, may he rest in honor”.

 A stone with Menora (5 branches)


 Lintel with relief of laurel, vine and amphora.
 Basalt jamb with Menorah with bird relief

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